Articles by Christophe Laurent, MD

Sensitizing Surgeons to Their Outcome Has No Measurable Short-term Benefit

Cauchy, Francois; Farges, Olivier; Vibert, Eric; More

Annals of Surgery. 266(5):884-889, November 2017.

To Drain or Not to Drain Infraperitoneal Anastomosis After Rectal Excision for Cancer: The GRECCAR 5 Randomized Trial

Denost, Quentin; Rouanet, Philippe; Faucheron, Jean-Luc; More

Annals of Surgery. 265(3):474-480, March 2017.

Laparoscopic Total Mesorectal Excision With Coloanal Anastomosis for Rectal Cancer

Denost, Quentin; Adam, Jean-Philippe; Pontallier, Arnaud; More

Annals of Surgery. 261(1):138-143, January 2015.

Perineal Transanal Approach: A New Standard for Laparoscopic Sphincter-Saving Resection in Low Rectal Cancer, a Randomized Trial

Denost, Quentin; Adam, Jean-Philippe; Rullier, Anne; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(6):993-999, December 2014.

Relevance of Postoperative Peak Transaminase After Elective Hepatectomy

Boleslawski, Emmanuel; Vibert, Eric; Pruvot, François-René; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(5):815-821, November 2014.

“Surgeons' Intuition” Versus “Prognostic Models”: Predicting the Risk of Liver Resections

Farges, Olivier; Vibert, Eric; Cosse, Cyril; More

Annals of Surgery. 260(5):923-930, November 2014.

Is Perioperative Chemotherapy Useful for Solitary, Metachronous, Colorectal Liver Metastases?

Adam, Rene; Bhangui, Prashant; Poston, Graeme; More

Annals of Surgery. 252(5):774-787, November 2010.

Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgery for Rectal Cancer: Long-Term Oncologic Results

Laurent, Christophe; Leblanc, Fabien; Wütrich, Philippe; More

Annals of Surgery. 250(1):54-61, July 2009.

Sphincter-Saving Resection for All Rectal Carcinomas: The End of the 2-cm Distal Rule

Rullier, Eric; Laurent, Christophe; Bretagnol, Frédéric; More

Annals of Surgery. 241(3):465-469, March 2005.