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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Issue and Journal Club

The May issue of Annals of Surgery contains two feature articles with accompanying editorials, two randomized controlled trials, two meta-analyses, three reviews, and an additional 18 original articles.

The feature articles will be of interest to all surgeons. One deals with the advisability of continuing ASA therapy during the perioperative period and the second with the inadvisability of administering .9% saline as an intravenous solution. The RCT's deal with advanced training in laparoscopic surgery and the surgical management of the age-old problem of hemorrhoids.

The expert moderator for the May Journal Club is Dr. E. Christopher Ellison. Dr. Ellison MD is The Ohio State University College of Medicine Distinguished Professor and the Robert M. Zollinger Chairman of the Department of Surgery. The featured article is Feast  or Famine?  The Variable Impact of Coexisting Fellowships on General Surgery Resident Operative Volumes. Hanks, JB, Ashley SW, Mahvi DM ,et. al. Annals of Surgery 2011;254:476-485. This article can be accessed for free for all who wish to participate in the Journal Club.