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Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Instructions for Authors now available

During 2014 we reviewed our instructions for authors, the set of guidelines we provide authors to help them as they prepare manuscripts. These have been revised and are now online at

There are two big changes: How to measure manuscript length and reporting guidelines.

For several years, we have had a rather complicated formula to guide manuscript length. Number of pages plus a ratio of tables to pages and figures to pages. We have simplified this, and now provide a word count limit for the text of new manuscripts along with a limit on the number of references, tables, and figures. We hope that this will provide a clearer guide for our authors.

The new measure for reporting guidelines is the institution of the Submission CONSORT Checklist for Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). This new 10-item checklist was developed by the CONSORT group and Annals of Surgery is the first to put it into place. During submission of RCTs authors will be required to answer the questions in the checklist, which is designed to ensure that all the elements needed for a complete report are in place. If authors are requested to revise their papers following peer review, then the full CONSORT checklist and flowchart will be required upon submission of the revised paper.