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Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 2014 Issue and Journal Club
The October issue is the second of two issues devoted to the papers presented at the 134th meeting of the American Surgical Association. It consists of 16 original articles and the outstanding forum discussion titled "Quality: The Key to Surgery's Future" with panelists Drs. David Hoyt, David Flum, and Mark Malangoni. The original articles include 2 randomized trials, an article examining the relationship between patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes, and an analysis of hospital readmissions and their relationship to quality.
The October Journal Club's featured article is "A Systematic Review of the Effects of Resident Duty Hour Restrictions in Surgery: Impact on Resident Wellness, Training, and Patient Outcomes" by Ahmed et al; Ann Surg 2014: 259, 1041. The expert moderator is Dr. John Mullen, residency program director at the Massachusetts General Hospital. This article can be accessed for free by anyone wishing to participate in the journal club.