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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Issue and Journal Club
The February, 2014 issue of Annals of Surgery includes 4 feature articles with accompanying editorials, 2 reviews, 2 randomized controlled trials, 1 meta-analysis, and 18 additional original articles.
Two of the features deal with the staging, prognosis, and surgical treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and the other two with the simulation, quality, and impact on patient outcomes of surgical ward rounds.
One of the reviews considers the current understanding of transient receptor potential ion channels in health and disease and the other is a systematic review to determine whether skills acquired through simulation-based training transfer to the operating room for the procedures of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and endoscopy.
The randomized controlled trials provide some definitive results regarding the effect of hydroxyethyl starch on coagulation competence in major surgery and the most effective means of initial resuscitation of trauma patients.
The featured article for February's Journal Club is  Outpatient Versus Hospitalization Management for Uncomplicated Diverticulitis: A Prospective, Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial (DIVER Trial) by Biondo et al that appeared in Annals of Surgery. 259(1):38-44, January 2014.
The expert moderator is Dr. Susan Galandiuk who is Professor of Surgery and Director of the Colon and Rectal Surgery Program at the University of Louisville.
This article can be accessed for free by anyone who wishes to participate in the journal club.