The International Position on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery: The Louisville Statement, 2008 : Annals of Surgery

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Original Articles From the 2008 International Laparoscopic Liver Resection Consensus Conference

The International Position on Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

The Louisville Statement, 2008

Buell, Joseph F. MD, FACS*; Cherqui, Daniel MD; Geller, David A. MD; O’Rourke, Nicholas MD§; Iannitti, David MD; Dagher, Ibrahim MD; Koffron, Alan J. MD**; Thomas, Mark MD††; Gayet, Brice MD‡‡; Han, Ho Seong MD§§; Wakabayashi, Go MD¶¶; Belli, Giulio MD∥∥; Kaneko, Hironori MD***; Ker, Chen-Guo MD†††; Scatton, Olivier MD‡‡‡; Laurent, Alexis MD; Abdalla, Eddie K. MD§§§; Chaudhury, Prosanto MD¶¶¶; Dutson, Erik MD∥∥∥; Gamblin, Clark MD; D’Angelica, Michael MD****; Nagorney, David MD††††; Testa, Giuliano MD‡‡‡‡; Labow, Daniel MD§§§§; Manas, Derrik MD¶¶¶¶; Poon, Ronnie T. MD∥∥∥∥; Nelson, Heidi MD††††; Martin, Robert MD*; Clary, Bryan MD*****; Pinson, Wright C. MD†††††; Martinie, John MD; Vauthey, Jean-Nicolas MD§§§; Goldstein, Robert MD‡‡‡‡‡; Roayaie, Sasan MD§§§§; Barlet, David MD; Espat, Joseph MD§§§§§; Abecassis, Michael MD¶¶¶¶¶; Rees, Myrddin MD∥∥∥∥∥; Fong, Yuman MD****; McMasters, Kelly M. MD, PhD*; Broelsch, Christoph MD******; Busuttil, Ron MD****; Belghiti, Jacques MD††††††; Strasberg, Steven MD‡‡‡‡‡‡; Chari, Ravi S. MD§§§§

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Annals of Surgery 250(5):p 825-830, November 2009. | DOI: 10.1097/SLA.0b013e3181b3b2d8

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