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Gut Microbiota Influences Neuropathic Pain Through Modulating Proinflammatory and Anti-inflammatory T Cells

Ding, Weihua; You, Zerong; Chen, Qian; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 132(4):1146-1155, April 2021.

Morphine Suppresses Lung Cancer Cell Proliferation Through the Interaction with Opioid Growth Factor Receptor: An In Vitro and Human Lung Tissue Study

Kim, Ji Yeon; Ahn, Hyun Joo; Kim, Jin Kyoung; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 123(6):1429-1436, December 2016.

Physostigmine and Methylphenidate Induce Distinct Arousal States During Isoflurane General Anesthesia in Rats

Kenny, Jonathan D.; Chemali, Jessica J.; Cotten, Joseph F.; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 123(5):1210-1219, November 2016.

Attenuation of High-Frequency (50–200 Hz) Thalamocortical Electroencephalographic Rhythms by Isoflurane in Rats Is More Pronounced for the Thalamus Than for the Cortex

Plourde, Gilles; Reed, Sean J.; Chapman, C. Andrew

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(6):1818-1825, June 2016.

Central Nervous System–Toxic Lidocaine Concentrations Unmask L-Type Ca2+ Current–Mediated Action Potentials in Rat Thalamocortical Neurons: An In Vitro Mechanism of Action Study

Putrenko, Igor; Ghavanini, Amer A.; Meyer Schöniger, Katrin S.; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(5):1360-1369, May 2016.

The Effects of the Toll-Like Receptor 4 Antagonist, Ibudilast, on Sevoflurane’s Minimum Alveolar Concentration and the Delayed Remifentanil-Induced Increase in the Minimum Alveolar Concentration in Rats

Ruiz-Pérez, Daniel; Benito, Javier; Polo, Gonzalo; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(5):1370-1376, May 2016.

Emulsified Isoflurane Protects Against Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia Injury in Rats via the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway

Zhang, Hongfei; Xiong, Xiaoxing; Liu, Jin; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(5):1377-1384, May 2016.

The Effects of Short-Term Propofol and Dexmedetomidine on Lung Mechanics, Histology, and Biological Markers in Experimental Obesity

Barros Heil, Luciana Boavista; Santos, Cíntia L.; Santos, Raquel S.; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(4):1015-1023, April 2016.

Low-Dose Cannabinoid Type 2 Receptor Agonist Attenuates Tolerance to Repeated Morphine Administration via Regulating μ-Opioid Receptor Expression in Walker 256 Tumor-Bearing Rats

Zhang, Mingyue; Wang, Kun; Ma, Min; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(4):1031-1037, April 2016.

Clinical Concentrations of Local Anesthetics Bupivacaine and Lidocaine Differentially Inhibit Human Kir2.x Inward Rectifier K+ Channels

Nakahira, Kei; Oshita, Kensuke; Itoh, Masayuki; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(4):1038-1047, April 2016.

The Effectiveness and Stability of a 20% Emulsified Sevoflurane Formulation for Intravenous Use in Rats

Morohashi, Toru; Itakura, Sayako; Shimokawa, Ken-ichi; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(3):712-718, March 2016.

Nitrite Reduces Ischemia-Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias by Attenuating Connexin 43 Dephosphorylation in Rats

Maruyama, Daisuke; Hirata, Naoyuki; Tokinaga, Yasuyuki; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(2):410-417, February 2016.

Modification of Bupivacaine-Induced Myotoxicity with Dantrolene and Caffeine In Vitro

Plank, Christoph; Hofmann, Petra; Gruber, Michael; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 122(2):418-423, February 2016.

Sevoflurane Exposure Prevents Diaphragmatic Oxidative Stress During Mechanical Ventilation but Reduces Force and Affects Protein Metabolism Even During Spontaneous Breathing in a Rat Model

Breuer, Thomas; Maes, Karen; Rossaint, Rolf; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 121(1):73-80, July 2015.

The Effects of Epidural Anesthesia on Growth of Escherichia coli at Pseudosurgical Site: The Roles of the Lipocalin-2 Pathway

Igarashi, Toru; Suzuki, Takeshi; Mori, Katsuya; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 121(1):81-89, July 2015.

Analysis of Remifentanil with Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry and an Extensive Stability Investigation in EDTA Whole Blood and Acidified EDTA Plasma

Koster, Remco A.; Vereecke, Hugo E. M.; Greijdanus, Ben; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(6):1235-1241, June 2015.

Propofol Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Responses in Spinal Astrocytes via the Toll-Like Receptor 4/MyD88-Dependent Nuclear Factor-κB, Extracellular Signal-Regulated Protein Kinases1/2, and p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Pathways

Zhou, Cheng-Hua; Zhu, Yang-Zi; Zhao, Pan-Pan; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(6):1361-1368, June 2015.

The Effects of Levetiracetam, Sumatriptan, and Caffeine in a Rat Model of Trigeminal Pain: Interactions in 2-Component Combinations

Tomic, Maja A.; Pecikoza, Uroš B.; Micov, Ana M.; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(6):1385-1393, June 2015.

Tramadol and Its Metabolite M1 Selectively Suppress Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Activity, but Not Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 Activity

Miyano, Kanako; Minami, Kouichiro; Yokoyama, Toru; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(4):790-798, April 2015.

Haloperidol Suppresses Murine Dendritic Cell Maturation and Priming of the T Helper 1–Type Immune Response

Matsumoto, Atsuhiro; Ohta, Noriyuki; Goto, Yukiko; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(4):895-902, April 2015.

The Comparative Cytotoxic Effects of Different Local Anesthetics on a Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line

Malet, Arnaud; Faure, Marie-Odile; Deletage, Nathalie; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(3):589-596, March 2015.

Acute Ketamine Impairs Mitochondrial Function and Promotes Superoxide Dismutase Activity in the Rat Brain

Venâncio, Carlos; Félix, Luís; Almeida, Vanessa; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(2):320-328, February 2015.

Propofol (Diprivan®) and Intralipid® Exacerbate Insulin Resistance in Type-2 Diabetic Hearts by Impairing GLUT4 Trafficking

Lou, Phing-How; Lucchinetti, Eliana; Zhang, Liyan; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(2):329-340, February 2015.

Propofol-Induced Electroencephalographic Seizures in Neonatal Rats: The Role of Corticosteroids and γ-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptor-Mediated Excitation

Willis, Jesse; Zhu, Wanting; Perez-Downes, Julio; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(2):433-439, February 2015.

Local Pathology and Systemic Serum Bupivacaine After Subcutaneous Delivery of Slow-Releasing Bupivacaine Microspheres

Schmidt, Birgitta; Ohri, Rachit; Wang, Jeffrey Chi-Fei; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 120(1):36-44, January 2015.

Enhancement of α5-Containing γ-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptors by the Nonimmobilizer 1,2-Dichlorohexafluorocyclobutane (F6) Is Abolished by the β3(N265M) Mutation

Burkat, Paul M.; Lor, Chong; Perouansky, Misha; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(6):1277-1284, December 2014.

Hypersensitivity Reactions to Intravenous Lipid Emulsion in Swine: Relevance for Lipid Resuscitation Studies

Bedocs, Peter; Capacchione, John; Potts, Lauren; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(5):1094-1101, November 2014.

A Combination of Mild Hypothermia and Sevoflurane Affords Long-Term Protection in a Modified Neonatal Mouse Model of Cerebral Hypoxia-Ischemia

Lin, Erica P.; Miles, Lili; Hughes, Elizabeth A.; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(5):1158-1173, November 2014.

The Antihypersensitive and Antiinflammatory Activities of a Benzofuranone Derivative in Different Experimental Models in Mice: The Importance of the Protein Kinase C Pathway

de Souza Nunes, Juliana Paula; da Silva, Kathryn Ana Bortolini; da Silva, Gislaine Francieli; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(4):836-846, October 2014.

Anesthetic Preconditioning Inhibits Isoflurane-Mediated Apoptosis in the Developing Rat Brain

Peng, Jun; Drobish, Julie K.; Liang, Ge; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(4):939-946, October 2014.

Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β Inhibition Prevents Remifentanil-Induced Postoperative Hyperalgesia via Regulating the Expression and Function of AMPA Receptors

Li, Yi-ze; Tang, Xiao-hong; Wang, Chun-yan; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(4):978-987, October 2014.

Molecular Size and Origin Do Not Influence the Harmful Side Effects of Hydroxyethyl Starch on Human Proximal Tubule Cells (HK-2) In Vitro

Bruno, Raphael R.; Neuhaus, Winfried; Roewer, Norbert; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(3):570-577, September 2014.

Acute Resistance Exercise Induces Antinociception by Activation of the Endocannabinoid System in Rats

Galdino, Giovane; Romero, Thiago; Pinho da Silva, José Felippe; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 119(3):702-715, September 2014.

Inhibition of Voltage-Gated Na+ Channels by the Synthetic Cannabinoid Ajulemic Acid

Foadi, Nilufar; Berger, Christian; Pilawski, Igor; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 118(6):1238-1245, June 2014.

Neonatal Exposure to Sevoflurane Causes Significant Suppression of Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation in Postgrowth Rats

Kato, Rui; Tachibana, Kaori; Nishimoto, Naoki; More

Anesthesia & Analgesia. 117(6):1429-1435, December 2013.