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Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Study Design: A Practical Online Primer for Clinicians

  • Creator:   Vetter TR, Schober P, Mascha EJ
  • Updated:   3/20/2020
  • Contains:  21 items
Consistent quantitative rigor is a challenge for all medical journals. The Editors of Anesthesia & Analgesia believe that educating our entire stakeholder audience about basic study design, statistical analysis, and data reporting is a major responsibility. This collection comprises a series of 20 short tutorials which collectively cover these fundamental concepts in a practical way that individuals not formally trained in statistics or epidemiology can comprehend. These tutorials parallel the content recommendations of the 2014 Statistical Analyses and Methods in the Published Literature (SAMPL) Guidelines. Each tutorial cites specific published papers that represent prototypical examples of study design, statistical analysis, and/or data reporting.
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