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The Cuff of the New Single Use Intubating Laryngeal Mask Endotracheal Tube Has Low-Pressure Characteristics

Péan, Didier MD; Léturgie, Chloé MD; Lejus, Corinne MD, PhD

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doi: 10.1213/01.ane.0000261507.24722.30
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To the Editor:

The specially designed silicone wire-reinforced reusable tracheal tube (RITT) for tracheal intubation through the Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway (ILMA) has a low-volume, high-pressure cuff (1) and is not recommended for long-term intubation. If it becomes necessary to replace the tracheal tube, loss of the airway is a feared complication especially when airway edema is present (2). A new single use ILMA tracheal tube (SITT) (The Laryngeal Mask Company Ltd.) is available but information concerning compliance characteristics of the SITT cuff is not available.

We measured the in vitro compliance of the SITT cuff and compared it with that of the RITT and the single use Rüsh oral-nasal armoured endotracheal tube (SATT). Five size 6.5 mm (internal diameter) of each tracheal tube were tested. The cuff of each randomly assigned tracheal tube was incrementally inflated in air, and the corresponding cuff pressure was measured by a blinded observer using a calibrated pressure manometer (Spengler Meranex no. 975762).

The SITT cuff exhibited low pressure characteristics, comparable to the SATT (Fig. 1), and the low compliance of the RITT cuff was close to the results of the Riley et al. (1) study. An in vivo study is necessary to confirm these results and to validate the SITT performance for blind intubation with the ILMA.

Figure 1.:
The compliance curves of the cuff of three types of size 6.5 mm (inside diameter) endotracheal tube. Values are mean ± sd. SITT: single use ILMA tracheal tube; RITT: reusable ILMA tracheal tube; SATT: single use armoured tracheal tube.

Didier Péan, MD

Chloé Léturgie, MD

Corinne Lejus, MD, PhD

Service d'Anesthésie et Réanimation Chirurgicale

Hôtel Dieu

Hôpital Mère-Enfant

C.H.U. 44093

Nantes cedex 01


[email protected]


1. Riley E, DeGroot K, Hannallah M. The high-pressure characteristics of the cuff of the intubating laryngeal mask endotracheal tube. Anesth Analg 1999;89:1588.
2. Loudermilk EP, Hartmannsgruber M, Stoltzfus DP, Langevin PB. A prospective study of the safety of tracheal extubation using a pediatric airway exchange catheter for patients with a known difficult airway. Chest 1997;111:1660–5.
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