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Komatsu, Ryu MD; Kamata, Kotoe MD; Sessler, Daniel I. MD; Ozaki, Makoto MD

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doi: 10.1213/ANE.0b013e3181f98cad
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Xue et al.1 correctly point out that the liquid crystal display monitor of the Airway Scope (AWS) is difficult or impossible to use in bright sunlight, a limitation originally described by Nao et al.2 That the AWS may fail in bright sunlight is highly relevant to an article about prehospital use of the device and should have been mentioned in our recent report.3

The transreflective screen on the GlideScope Ranger presumably provides better visualization under direct sunlight. But as was reported by Cooper et al.,4 the tip of an endotracheal tube sometimes cannot be inserted into the trachea of certain patients even when the larynx is visualized on the GlideScope screen.

It is likely that both the AWS and GlideScope Ranger can contribute to prehospital care of patients in whom the trachea is difficult to intubate, but it is also obvious that conventional laryngoscopes should remain available.

Ryu Komatsu, MD

Kotoe Kamata, MD

Daniel I. Sessler, MD

Makoto Ozaki, MD

Departments of General Anesthesiology and

Outcomes Research

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, Ohio

Department of Anesthesia

Kosei Hospital

Tokyo, Japan

Department of Anesthesiology

Tokyo Women's Medical University

Tokyo, Japan

[email protected]


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