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ANE February issue, Vol 136, Issue 2

Severe hypotension during anesthesia can stem from multiple causes and can result in significant morbidity. Our current ability to accurately predict which patients harbor risk factors for severe hypotension under general anesthesia is at best an educated intuition. The cover image for this month's feature article reflects this uncertainty. Specifically, is there a blood pressure threshold under anesthesia that portends subsequent, severe hypotension? Authors in this issue give us a glimpse into the future of predictive modeling for such risks. Artificial intelligence has the capacity to serve as the next best thing to a crystal ball; however, it still remains in its infancy, and time will surely dictate its true potential.

Naveen Nathan MD
Cover Editor and Illustrator

ANE January issue, Vol 136, Issue 1

This month's cover art is modified from J. Howard Miller's original 1942 painting, which became symbolic of the empowerment of women during World War II. It is accordingly appropriated to reflect the advance of women physicians in leadership roles in academic medicine and health care. In this month's issue, the journal explores the profile and characteristics of noteworthy women anesthesiologists who have navigated the world of academic medicine to achieve successful leadership roles. The articles contained herein are meant to inspire as much as spotlight the considerable work that lies ahead in achieving gender equality in health care leadership.

Cover Editor and Illustrator:
Naveen Nathan MD