2022 Covers & Artwork

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January 2022, Vol. 134, Issue 1

The focus of this month's featured article is the intersection of one of the key foundational practices of anesthesia care, intraoperative opioid administration, and administration practice patterns. Using a large dataset from the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG), the authors have characterized and quantified variability in intraoperative opioid practice patterns using a Bayesian analysis. Their work demonstrates the significant variability in practice between institutions and forms a strong foundational background for future research in this area. This month's art cover depicts this complex intersection, visually conveying distributions and variability of practice patterns, opioid formulations, and patients.

Bhiken I. Naik, Kai Kuck, Leif Saager,
Sachin Kheterpal, Karen B. Domino,
Karen L. Posner, Anik Sinha, Ami Stuart,
Chad M. Brummett, Marcel E.
Durieux, Michelle T. Vaughn, and
Nathan L. Pace, and the MPOG EOS
Investigator Group

Cover art composed by
Naveen Nathan, MD