Ambulatory Anesthesia: Current Controversies and Future Directions


Anesthesia & Analgesia thematic issue for August 2021


Ambulatory surgery (same-day surgery or day stay surgery) is rapidly growing worldwide. Older and sicker patients are increasingly undergoing more invasive surgical procedures. Similarly, there is an exponential increase in the same-day diagnostic and non-surgical interventional procedures performed outside the operating room. To highlight this growing area of interest, Anesthesia & Analgesia is calling for papers focused on "Ambulatory Anesthesia: Current Controversies and Future Directions" for a thematic issue to be guest edited by Dr. Girish P. Joshi. We invite authors to submit research manuscripts, review articles, and Open Minds covering anesthetic and analgesic management in patients undergoing ambulatory procedures performed in or outside the operating room settings. In addition, topics could include administration of ambulatory facilities and post-discharge care.


Authors can find the specific requirements for each manuscript type in the Journal's current Instructions for Authors at


The deadline for submission is February 1st, 2021 with an anticipated date of final decision on May 1st, 2021 and in print publication for the August 2021 issue of the journal.


Interested authors can contact Girish P. Joshi at [email protected] for additional information or to discuss specific topic proposals for the "Ambulatory Anesthesia: Current Controversies and Future Directions" thematic issue.