Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia in Ambulatory Surgery

Anesthesia & Analgesia thematic issue for May 2021


Ambulatory surgery (same-day surgery or day stay surgery) is rapidly growing worldwide. Postoperative pain is one of the most common reasons for delayed recovery and unplanned admission and readmission after ambulatory surgery. Local/regional analgesia is considered an important component of an optimal multimodal analgesia technique. However, adoption of regional analgesia in routine clinical practice has been variable and disturbingly low. The role of various types of local/regional analgesic techniques is rapidly changing. For example, the use of lower extremity peripheral nerve blocks (e.g. femoral nerve block) is significantly reduced in recent years owing to concerns of delayed recovery. On the other hand, newer interfascial plane blocks have been developed that might play a significant role in perioperative pain management. Similarly, surgical site infiltration (local infiltration analgesia) is increasingly being performed by our surgical colleagues replacing of anesthesiologist-administered blocks. 

To highlight this growing area of interest, Anesthesia & Analgesia is calling for papers focused on "Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia in Ambulatory Surgery" for a thematic issue to be guest edited by Drs. Richard Brull and Girish P. Joshi. We invite authors to submit research manuscripts, review articles, and Open Minds covering the role of local/regional analgesia in patients undergoing ambulatory surgery.


Authors can find the specific requirements for each manuscript type in the Journal's current Instructions for Authors at


The deadline for submission is November 1st, 2020 with an anticipated date of final decision on February 1st, 2021 and in print publication for the May 2021 issue of the journal.


Interested authors can contact Richard Brull at or Girish P. Joshi at for additional information or to discuss specific topic proposals for the "Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia in Ambulatory Surgery" thematic issue.