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Maintain Perfusion: Vasopressors for Victory!

Wanderer, Jonathan P. MD, MPhil; Nathan, Naveen MD

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doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000004559
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The treatment of shock has a number of key components, including obtaining blood cultures, administering antibiotics, achieving source control, restoring intravascular volume, and maintaining perfusion through the use of vasoactive agents. A significant literature base exists to guide clinicians in the selection of vasoactive agents for the treatment of vasodilatory shock. In this infographic, we describe a recent comprehensive review of agents used for the treatment of vasodilatory shock, with a particular focus on medications that are recommended as first-, second-, and third-line agents, along with treatments that are considered rescue and those where the literature basis is still in need of additional development.

NOREPI indicates norepinephrine.


1. Chow JH, Abuelkasm E, Sankova S, Henderson RA, Mazzeffi MA, Tanaka KA. Reversal of vasodilatory shock: current perspectives on conventional, rescue, and emerging vasoactive agents for the treatment of shock. Anesth Analg. 2020;130:1530.
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