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Database Analysis of Atypical Drug Transactions

Epstein, Richard H., MD

Section Editor(s): Saidman, Lawrence

doi: 10.1213/ane.0b013e3181632373
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Professor of Anesthesiology; Jefferson Medical College; Thomas Jefferson University; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

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In Response:

As emphasized in the discussion of our paper,1 there are “methods we have not considered or which may not be easily uncovered based on the examination of the database.” The documentation of “excess” amounts of narcotics not actually administered is an example of the latter, given the large number of possible surgical procedures and combinations of procedures.2 Furthermore, the companion paper by Vigoda et al. demonstrated significant discrepancies between their automated medication dispensing system and anesthesia information management system databases.3 Given that diversion is fairly uncommon, it is not surprising that we did not discover any additional examples of diversion using our system over an 8-mo period.

Finally, we do not follow Dr. Windokun's4 concern about the potential consequences of our publication on patient care, since neither outliers in mean administration nor wastage identified individuals diverting controlled substances.

Richard H. Epstein, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology

Jefferson Medical College

Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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