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Erratum: Errata

In the August 2005 issue, in the article by Davis et al., “Preoperative “Fentanyl Challenge” as a Tool to Estimate Postoperative Opioid Dosing in Chronic Opioid-Consuming Patients” (Anesth Analg 2005;101:389–95), errors were made in Figures 1, 2, and 3. During the editorial process, “mcg” was changed to “mg” in some of the titles of the figures. These editorial changes were not detected during review of the galley proofs. The legends of all the figures are correct. Specifically, the following errors were made:

Figure 1: “2 mg·kg−1·min−1” should read “2 mcg·kg−1·min−1

Figure 2: “Infusion Rate mg·kg−1·hr−1” should read “Infusion Rate mcg·kg−1·hr−1

Figure 3: “Fentanyl Challenge 2 mg·kg−1·min−1 for 11 minutes” should read “Fentanyl Challenge 2 mcg·kg−1·min−1 for 11 minutes” and “Intraoperative Fentanyl Infusion 6 mg·kg−1·hr−1” should read “Intraoperative Fentanyl Infusion 6 mcg·kg−1·hr−1

These figures will be corrected in the on-line version of the manuscript. The publisher and the authors apologize for any confusion these errors may have caused the readers.

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