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Creation of Individual Soaking Compartments Within a Glutaraldehyde Fume Hood

Swindoll, Shirley CRNA; Langer, Christine CRNA

doi: 10.1097/00000539-200104000-00052
Letters To The Editor: Letters & Announcements

Charity Hospital Anesthesia Department, Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans, New Orleans,

To the Editor:

If a single container of glutaraldehyde solution is used to soak laryngoscope blades from multiple operating rooms, insertion of a new blade before soaking blades have completed their mandatory period of immersion risks cross-contamination. For more than a year we have solved this problem by creating separate soaking compartments within our glutaraldehyde fume hood for each operating room. The system also helps our student anesthetists rapidly find their individual blades. Each compartment is made at no cost from an empty plastic 1-L irrigation fluid bottle by cutting away its upper, tapered portion. A black indelible marker is used to give compartments numbers corresponding to individual operating rooms. Glutaraldehyde solution is then poured into each to a height sufficient to cover an entire Miller 2 laryngoscope blade, and containers are arranged numerically within the hood. (Fig. 1). The method received favorable comment at the time of our last JCAHO inspection.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Shirley Swindoll, CRNA

Christine Langer CRNA

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