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Strategies for Net Cost Reductions with the Expanded Role and Expertise of Anesthesiologists in the Perioperative Surgical Home

Dexter, Franklin MD, PhD; Wachtel, Ruth E. PhD, MBA

doi: 10.1213/ANE.0000000000000173
Economics, Education, and Policy: Special Article

The Perioperative Surgical Home is a model adopted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists to increase quality and patient safety and to decrease costs. This Special Article is about the latter topic. Using narrative review, we show that there are two principal opportunities for net cost reduction. One opportunity is to reduce unnecessary interventions that do not have potential to benefit patients (e.g., preoperative laboratory studies in healthy patients undergoing low-risk surgery and use of substantial fresh gas flows with volatile anesthetics). The other opportunity is to optimize staff scheduling, case scheduling, and staff assignment. These two are the same as the principal ways that a positive return on investment can be achieved from use of an anesthesia information management system. Three other opportunities are much less likely to achieve as large (if any) net cost reduction among all patients but may at some hospitals. These are to reduce cancellations, operating room times, and/or hospital postoperative lengths of stay.

From the Department of Anesthesia, Division of Management Consulting, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

Funding: Departmental funding.

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