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Kano Tatsuhiko MD PhD; Nakamura, Mari MD; Hashiguchi, Akira MD; Sadanaga, Michiaki MD; Morioka, Tohru MD, PhD; Mishima, Motohiro PhD; Nakano, Masahiro PhD
Anesthesia & Analgesia: October 1992

Three types of skin pretreatments (stripping with adhesive tape, scrubbing with Skin-Pure jelly, and cleaning with benzine) were studied in 21 volunteers to determine whether the pretreatments could shorten the application period of transdermal 3% GA MHPh 2Na-10% lidocaine gel. Before application of the gel, each subject received skin pretreatment on the volar surface of one forearm. Then, the lidocaine gel soaked in a round sponge was applied on both the pretreated area of the forearm and the unpretreated contrast area of the other forearm. A pain score was obtained from each subject at 30, 45, 60, and 75 min after placement of the dermal patch by noting the number of painful pinpricks of five delivered. The mean pain scores on the pretreated side were significantly lower at 30,45, and 60 min in the stripping study group and at 45 and 60 min in the cleaning study group, compared with the corresponding scores on the unpretreated side (P < 0.05). skin pretreatments, such as stripping and cleaning, are useful for shortening the onset of the dermal patch anesthesia.

Address correspondence to Dr. Kano, Surgical Center, Kuma moto University Hospital, 1–1-1 Honjo, Kumamoto 860, Japan.

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