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Killian Hans M.D. F.I.C.A.
Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia: May-June 1938

WHEN IN HIS TIME von Mikulicz entrusted his assistant I Ferdinand Sauerbruch with the task of working out a method of reducing the dangers of surgery in the thoracic cavity, it had already long been known that one could occasionally open the thoracic cavity without ill-effects, and that patients could survive an open wound of the chest wall.

*German Address Presented during the Sixteenth Annual Congress of Anesthetists, the International Anesthesia Research Society and International College of Anesthetists in Joint Meeting with the Mid-Western Association of Anesthetists, Southern Association of Anesthetists and Chicago Society of Anesthetists, Clinical Congress of Surgeons Week, Congress Hotel, Chicago, 111., October 25–28, 1937.

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