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Ravdin I. S. M.D. F.I.C.A.; Eliason, E. L. M.D.; Coates, G. M. M.D.; Halloway, T. B. M.D.; Ferguson, L. K. M.D.; Gill, A. B. M.D.; Cook, T. J. D.D.S.
Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia: May-June 1938

AFEW MONTHS AGO we reported our experiences with the use of divinyl ether (vinethene) in 2675 anesthetizations.1 In this paper we wish to report an additional 732 anesthetizations, making a total of 3407. In addition to these there have been 2594 inductions with vinethene, or a total of 6001 patients who received the anesthetic.

*Read during the Silver Jubilee Meeting of the Associated Anesthetists of the United States and Canada in Joint Meeting with the Eastern Society of Anesthetists, The American Society of Anesthetists, Inc., The American Society of Regional Anesthesia, Inc., and The American Society for the Advancement of General Anesthesia in Dentistry, American Medical Association Week, Hotel Chelsea, Atlantic City, N. J., June 7–11, 1937.

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