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Axelrod M. L. D.D.S.
Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia: March-April 1931

SINCE THE INTRODUCTION of barbital by Fischer and Von Mering,1 in 1904, the extensive use of barbital as an hypnotic agent has not only stimulated the development of other barbituric acid compounds but from an anesthetist's viewpoint they have opened a fertile field for anesthesia premedication. The pharmacological study of the various barbiturates have been investigated and reported by quite a few authorities, but the work of Nielsen, Higgins and Spruth2 on their comparative study of hypnotics of the barbituric acid series, established a method for obtaining dependable results, which was very necessary in the face of so many claims for the different compounds.

*Read during the Ninth Annual Congress of Anesthetists, the International Anesthesia Research Society in Joint Meeting with the Eastern Society of Anesthetists, Clinical Congress of Surgeons Week, Hotel Adelphia, Philadelphia, October 13–16, 1930. From the Department of Anesthesia, Glenville Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.

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