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Percentages and True Flow of Gases for Gas-Oxygen Anesthesia*

Foregger Richard V. Ph.D.
Anesthesia & Analgesia: October 1927

IN THIS PAPER I am trying to explain that there is a dif- ference between percentage and amounts, and that you cannot figure percentage unless you first know the amounts; further that you cannot obtain correct figures of amounts of gases in motion unless you consider the property of gases of different molecular weight to move with different velocity; also that the best way to achieve this is to measure the gases in individual flow meters before they mix; and finally that fine adjustments necessarily combined with fine measurements are of more than economic value in routine work; are of least disturbance to the physiological balance of the respiratory process and form the scientific basis of research work.

*Read during the Sixth Annual Congress of Anesthetbts, the Associated Anesthetists of the United States and Canada in Joint Mcetin with the International Anesthesia Research Society, Hotel Roooevelt, Washington, D. C., May 16–19, 1927.

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