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Rives A. E. Ph. G. M. D.
Current Researches in Anesthesia & Analgesia: August 1922

HE WORLD-WIDE propaganda on painless childbirth and Twilight Sleep formed a nucleus for a greater future for motherhood than was anticipated. That the world is growing weaker and wiser is clearly demonstrated in obstetrics, childbirth becoming a more difficult problem in each generation, with the expectant mother becoming well versed through the press and magazines of the advancement of the scientific methods of pain relief to be had by merely demanding them. We no longer believe that labor pains do not hurt and the old maxim of letting nature take its course, in the sense in which it has always been applied in obstetrics, is a thing of the past. The demand for better obstetrics and safer analgesia and anesthesia must be respected. Today nitrous oxid-oxygen is accepted as the safest method of analgesia and anesthesia in normal labor and operative obstetrics.

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