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Assessing Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Solid Tumors: A Practical Review for Pathologists and Proposal for a Standardized Method from the International Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers Working Group Part 2 TILs in Melanoma, Gastrointestinal Tract Carcinomas, Non–Small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Mesothelioma, Endometrial and Ovarian Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck, Genitourinary Carcinomas, and Primary Brain Tumors

Hendry, Shona; Salgado, Roberto; Gevaert, Thomas; More

Advances In Anatomic Pathology. 24(6):311-335, November 2017.

State of the Art, Nomenclature, and Points of Consensus and Controversy Concerning Benign Melanocytic Lesions: Outcome of an International Workshop

Barnhill, Raymond L.; Cerroni, Lorenzo; Cook, Martin; More

Advances in Anatomic Pathology. 17(2):73-90, March 2010.

Molecular Profiling Provides Evidence of Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Lymphoma as a Distinct Entity Related to Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma: Implications for Mediastinal Gray Zone Lymphomas as an Intermediate Form of B-Cell Lymphoma

Calvo, Katherine R; Traverse-Glehen, Alexandra; Pittaluga, Stefania; More

Advances in Anatomic Pathology. 11(5):227-238, September 2004.