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July 2018 - Volume 40 - Issue 7
pp: 469-550,e95-e106

Sebaceous Neoplasms With Rippled, Labyrinthine/Sinusoidal, Petaloid, and Carcinoid-Like Patterns: A Study of 57 Cases Validating Their Occurrence as a Morphological Spectrum and Showing No Significant Association With Muir–Torre Syndrome or DNA Mismatch Repair Protein Deficiency

Wiedemeyer, Katharina; Kyrpychova, Liubov; Isikci, Özlem Tanas; More

The American Journal of Dermatopathology. 40(7):479-485, July 2018.

Direct Immunofluorescence as a Helpful Tool for the Differential Diagnosis of Oral Lichen Planus and Oral Lichenoid Lesions

Yamanaka, Yasmin; Yamashita, Maurício; Innocentini, Lara M. A.; More

The American Journal of Dermatopathology. 40(7):491-497, July 2018.

Acquisition of Somatic NRAS Mutations in Central Nervous System Melanocytes: A Predisposing Risk Factor to Primary Melanoma of the Central Nervous System, a Frequently Forgotten Pitfall in Congenital Nevi

Garrido, Maria C.; Maroñas-Jiménez, Lidia; Morales-Raya, Carlos; More

The American Journal of Dermatopathology. 40(7):506-510, July 2018.

Reappraisal of the Confusing Concept “Trichogerminoma” and the Ill-Defined Finding “Cell Balls”: Clinicopathologic Analysis of 6 Cases of Trichogerminoma and Comparison With 2 Cases of Basal Cell Carcinoma With Cell Ball–Like Features

Goto, Keisuke; Takai, Toshihiro; Anan, Takashi; More

The American Journal of Dermatopathology. 40(7):543-546, July 2018.