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Reply to Perineurioma With Adipocytes (Lipomatous Perineurioma)

Ahn, Sung Ku M.D.

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The American Journal of Dermatopathology: April 2003 - Volume 25 - Issue 2 - p 174

To the Editor:

I will describe several different points and things to be done in the future about the interesting case reported in Dr. Zamecnik's letter. There are two differences with our case, “Intramural Fat in Neurofibroma” (1). First, clinically Dr. Zamecnik's case is located in the subcutis, unlike our case.

Second, we performed immunohistochemistry for EMA and CD34. But the spindle cells of our specimen were all negative. Therefore Dr. Zamecnik should perform MBP, Leu-7, GFAP, and compare the results with previous findings (Table 1).

Comparison of cases

In addition, we both should carry out electron micrographic studies and confirm the presence of transitional cells with features of both fat cells and spindle cells.

I wish you good results!

Sung Ku Ahn, M.D.


1. Ahn SK, Ahn HJ, Kim TH, et al. Intratumoral fat in neurofibroma. Am J Dermatopathol 2002; 24:326–9.
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