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Demodex-associated Folliculitis

Forton, Fabienne M.D.

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The American Journal of Dermatopathology 20(5):p 536-537, October 1998.
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To the Editor:

I appreciated R. Vollmer's interesting study, published in the American Journal of Dermatopathology in 1996 (1). I published a comparable study in 1986 (2) and am glad to find that Dr. Vollmer found similar results.

  1. I analyzed 69 skin biopsies, each containing at least 3 Demodex. He analyzed 24 biopsies, containing at least 1 Demodex.
  2. I found Demodex in 56% of inflamed follicles (n = 287) and in only 29% of noninflamed follicles (n = 423) (p < 0.001). He found Demodex in 42% of inflamed follicles (n = 208) and in only 10% of non-inflamed follicles (n = 180) (p < 0.0009).
  3. I found inflammation in 57% of follicles with Demodex (n = 284) and in 29% of follicles without Demodex (n = 426) (p < 0.001). He found inflammation in 83% of follicles with Demodex (n = 105) and in 43% of follicles without Demodex (n = 283) (p < 0.0009).

Dr. Vollmer writes: "The most elegant study to relate the number of mites to clinical rosacea was that of Bonnar et al. (3)." I published a comparable study in the same year, 1993, also with cyanoacrylate glue, and introduced the concept of standardized skin surface biopsy to evaluate the Demodex density (4). I was also glad to find that Bonnar et al.'s results were comparable with mine.

I appreciate the interesting study of Dr. Vollmer, but I do not understand why he did not refer to my first nor my second work, which are both closely related to his study and his discussion.

Fabienne Forton, M.D.

Brussels, Belgium


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