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May 2019 - Volume 42 - Issue 5

  • David E. Wazer, MD
  • 0277-3732
  • 1537-453X
  • 12 issues per year
  • Oncology 97/217
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Current Issue Highlights

Experimental Therapeutics

Phase I Study of Aurora A Kinase Inhibitor Alisertib (MLN8237) in Combination With Selective VEGFR Inhibitor Pazopanib for Therapy of Advanced Solid Tumors

Shah, Hiral A.; Fischer, James H.; Venepalli, Neeta K.; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology. 42(5):413-420, May 2019.

Soft Tissue


Efficacy and Safety of Gefitinib as Third-line Treatment in NSCLC Patients With Activating EGFR Mutations Treated With First-line Gefitinib Followed by Second-line Chemotherapy: A Single-Arm, Prospective, Multicenter Phase II Study (RE-CHALLENGE, CTONG1304)

Song, Yong; Wu, Yi-Long; Cao, Le-Jie; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology. 42(5):432-439, May 2019.




Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma Arising in a Polyp: A Multicenter Retrospective Analysis on 75 Patients

Mandato, Vincenzo D.; Torricelli, Federica; Palomba, Stefano; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology. 42(5):472-480, May 2019.

Central Nervous System

Rapid Early Tumor Progression is Prognostic in Glioblastoma Patients

Palmer, Joshua D.; Bhamidipati, Deepak; Shukla, Gaurav; More

American Journal of Clinical Oncology. 42(5):481-486, May 2019.