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Pharmacokinetics of Cyclosporine a Conversion From Twice-Daily Infusion to Oral Administration in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Inoue, Yasuyuki; Saito, Tasuku; Ogawa, Kohei; More

American Journal of Therapeutics. 21(5):377-384, September/October 2014.

Therapeutic Role of Resveratrol and Quercetin on Aortic Fibroblasts of Psammomys obesus After Oxidative Stress by Hydrogen Peroxide

Boumaza, Saliha; Belkebir, Aicha; Neggazi, Samia; More

American Journal of Therapeutics. 25(3):e299-e313, May/June 2018.

Fecal Transplant for Treatment of Toxic Megacolon Associated With Clostridium Difficile Colitis in a Patient With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Yu, Shipeng; Abdelkarim, Ahmed; Nawras, Ali; More

American Journal of Therapeutics. 23(2):e609-e613, March/April 2016.

Diabetes and Quality of Life: Initial Approach to Depression, Physical Activity, and Sexual Dysfunction

Pozzo, M. Josefina; Mociulsky, Juliana; Martinez, Esteban T.; More

American Journal of Therapeutics. 23(1):e159-e171, January/February 2016.

Pioglitazone and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction and Other Major Adverse Cardiac Events: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials

Nagajothi, Nagapradeep; Adigopula, Sasikanth; Balamuthusamy, Saravanan; More

American Journal of Therapeutics. 15(6):506-511, November-December 2008.