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July-September 2020 - Volume 34 - Issue 3

  • Dr. José Luchsinger-Stuart, MD, MPH
  • 0893-0341
  • 1546-4156
  • 4 issues / year
  • Clinical Neurology 137/204
    Pathology 38/78
  • 2.098

Expanded Demographic Norms for Version 3 of the Alzheimer Disease Centers’ Neuropsychological Test Battery in the Uniform Data Set

Sachs, Bonnie C.; Steenland, Kyle; Zhao, Liping; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 34(3):191-197, July-September 2020.

Association Between Cognitive Test Performance and Subjective Cognitive Decline in a Diverse Cohort of Older Adults: Findings From the KHANDLE Study

Corlier, Fabian W.; Shaw, Crystal; Hayes-Larson, Eleanor; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 34(3):198-205, July-September 2020.

Comparison of Amyloid in Cerebrospinal Fluid, Brain Imaging, and Autopsy in a Case of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Kim, Kyung Hye; Seo, Jae Deuk; Kim, Eun Soo; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 34(3):275-277, July-September 2020.

Validity of the Mini-Mental State Examination-2 in Diagnosing Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Patients Visiting an Outpatient Clinic in the Netherlands

Sleutjes, Daan K.L.; Harmsen, Iris J.; van Bergen, Floor S.; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 34(3):278-281, July-September 2020.