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Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers collection

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  14 items
One of the most exciting advances in the field of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research is the development of biomarkers, including measures of brain structure on magnetic resonance imaging, cerebrospinal fluid markers, in-vivo amyloid imaging with positron emission tomography (PET), and Fluorodeoxyglucose PET brain imaging. Tau PET is becoming increasingly important, and the search for blood based biomarkers continues. The following collection is a selection of AD biomarkers articles published in Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders.

Alzheimer Disease Biomarkers as Outcome Measures for Clinical Trials in MCI

Caroli, Anna; Prestia, Annapaola; Wade, Sara; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 29(2):101-109, April-June 2015.

Potential Impact of Amyloid Imaging on Diagnosis and Intended Management in Patients With Progressive Cognitive Decline

Grundman, Michael; Pontecorvo, Michael J.; Salloway, Stephen P.; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 27(1):4-15, January-March 2013.

Microbleeds in Postmortem Brains of Patients With Alzheimer Disease: A T2*-weighted Gradient-Echo 7.0 T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

De Reuck, Jacques L.; Cordonnier, Charlotte; Deramecourt, Vincent; More

Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders. 27(2):162-167, April-June 2013.