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Letter to the Editor

Artificial Intelligence Ft. EURO-MUSCULUS/USPRM Basic Scanning Protocols

Özçakar, Levent; Tok, Fatih; Ricci, Vincenzo; More

Analysis & Perspective

Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations: Virtual Stroke Rehabilitation Consensus Statement 2022

Salbach, Nancy M.; Mountain, Anita; Lindsay, M. Patrice; More

Research Article

Using Machine Learning to Examine Suicidal Ideation After TBI: A TBI Model Systems National Database Study

Fisher, Lauren B.; Curtiss, Joshua E.; Klyce, Daniel W.; More

Research Article

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Perceived Physical and Mental Health and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of People with Disabilities: Quantitative Analysis of the International Community Survey

Tuakli-Wosornu, Yetsa A; Wang, Kangxin; Fourtassi, Maryam; More

Research Article

SARcopenia Assessment in Hypertension: The SARAH Study

Kara, Murat; Kara, Özgür; Ceran, Yasin; More

Invited Literature Review: PDF Only

Selection, confounding, and attrition biases in Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) of Rehabilitation Interventions: What are they and how can they affect RCTs results? Basic information for Junior Researchers and Clinicians

Armijo-Olivo, Susan; de Oliveira-Souza, Ana Izabela Sobral; Mohamad, Norazlin; More

Literature Review: PDF Only

Effects of exercise mode on improving cardiovascular function and cardiorespiratory fitness after bariatric surgery: A narrative review

Mahmoud, Abeer M.; Gonçalves da Silva, Andréa Lúcia; André, Larissa Delgado; More

Research Article: PDF Only

Relative sit-to-stand muscle power predicts an older adult’s physical independence at age 90 beyond that of relative handgrip strength, physical activity and sedentary time: a cross-sectional analysis

Hetherington-Rauth, Megan; Magalhães, João P.; Alcazar, Julian; More