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May 2021 - Volume 100 - Issue 5

  • Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD
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  • Sports Sciences 49/85, Rehabilitation 26/68
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May 2021

Dear AJPM&R Readers,

In this issue of the AJPM&R, Gerber and collaborators use the narrative review approach to evaluate the development of clinical guidelines for the management of spinal cord injury in the last decade. Because of the importance of practice guidelines in assisting practitioners that make clinical decisions and their frequent utilization in various health care settings, a comprehensive, critical, and objective analysis of existing guidelines is always a good thing. In this case, the authors have identified important problems including the absence of evidence generated in randomized clinical trials to support the recommendations, guidelines that are not kept up to date, and the development of guidelines that did not follow a trustworthy vetting process, among others.  Increases in the number of rehabilitation scientists and publications suggest that new knowledge is being generated at a fast pace.  We should be more proactive about developing guidelines based on new evidence that can be used in clinical practice with a higher degree of confidence.  ​

I hope you will enjoy reading this month's issue of the AJPM&R!

Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD, FRCP

Current Issue Highlights

Low Thoracic Skeletal Muscle Area Is Not Associated With Negative Outcomes in Patients With COVID-19

Moctezuma-Velázquez, Paulina; Miranda-Zazueta, Godolfino; Ortiz-Brizuela, Edgar; More

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 100(5):413-418, May 2021.

Published April 2021
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