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December 2021 - Volume 100 - Issue 12

  • Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD
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December 2021

Dear AJPM&R Readers,

The long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic remain to be seen but early research strongly suggest the presence of a chronic phase among survivors. It has been shown that survivors continue to report symptoms that interfere with functioning several months after the illness and/or hospitalization. Health professionals in rehabilitation should become involved in the care of these patients because of the nature of the impairments associated with the disease. This issue of the AJPM&R includes 6 articles related to this topic. The challenges and lessons learned for the acute phase are discussed and models of care for the post-acute phase are described, including one for the pediatric population. Evidently, more research will be needed to better understand the most effective rehabilitation intervention.   

I hope you will enjoy reading this month's issue of the AJPM&R!

Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD, FRCP

Current Issue Highlights

Challenges and Lessons Learned for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation of Persons With COVID-19: Clinical Presentation, Assessment, Needs, and Services Utilization

Maltser, Susan; Trovato, Erika; Fusco, Heidi N.; More

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 100(12):1115-1123, December 2021.

Published April 2021
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