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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Administration and Patient Education Manual

Alba, Augusta

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: July 1997 - Volume 76 - Issue 4 - p 327
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Administration and Patient Education Manual by K. V. Morris and J. E. Hodgkin, 398 pages. Published 1996. Aspen Publishers, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD.

The overall purpose of this handbook is twofold. One is to give members of the rehabilitation team a resource for instruction in how to implement, maintain, and evaluate a successful pulmonary rehabilitation program. The second is to provide patients with a comprehensive course workbook in which they experience an in-depth orientation of the program's philosophy and content. The patient is also to use the workbook as a resource for continued learning.

The purposes are clearly stated in an introductory section to staff on how to use the manual. A recommendation is made that the patient handbook be copied for each patient and individualized over time with the addition of pertinent handouts.

The content does suit each audience of individual team members, including those of the billing department, given clearly stated goals and objectives, and several formats. The patient's section is well illustrated, and both a list of suggested reading material and a comprehensive glossary are provided.

In summary, this book does present all aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation in a readable, yet scholarly, manner. Similar books are available, but the uniqueness is the loose-leaf binder format of the text and the section on lesson plans, with the emphasis on each team member being a patient educator.

Book Rating: ★★★★

Augusta Alba, MD

New York, New York

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