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June 2017 - Volume 117 - Issue 6
pp: 7-72

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CE: Original Research: The Experiences of Pregnant Smokers and Their Providers

Britton, Geraldine Rose; Collier, Rosemary; McKitrick, Sean; More

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 117(6):24-34, June 2017.

Creator: Shawn Kennedy and Betsy Todd
Duration: 6:40
AJN The American Journal of Nursing June 2017, Volume 117, Issue 6;
Editor-in-Chief Shawn Kennedy and Clinical Editor Betsy Todd present the highlights of the June issue of the American Journal of Nursing. This month’s cover features four paintings by British artist Bryan Charnley, whose later work depicts his experience with schizophrenia. The authors of our first CE, “Original Research: The Experiences of Pregnant Smokers and Their Providers,” conducted focus groups of pregnant smokers and their providers, most of whom were RNs, to better understand their experiences and to gain insights to help providers best deliver the stop-smoking message. Our second CE, “Mental Health Matters: Antipsychotic Medications,” reviews the mechanisms of action, adverse effects, and contraindications of first-generation typical and second-generation atypical antipsychotics. Our next article, “Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” reviews the epidemiology and pathophysiology of IBS and recent developments in the field of IBS research, summarizes diagnostic and treatment strategies, and discusses implications for nursing practice. In “Perspectives on Palliative Care: Advance Care Planning: The Nurse’s Role,” the author discusses how nurses can promote the practice of advance care planning in their facility and overcome the challenges associated with its implementation. In addition, there’s News, Reflections, Drug Watch, Art of Nursing, and more.
Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 10:12
AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with Geraldine Rose Britton, lead author of “The Experiences of Pregnant Smokers and Their Providers.”