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April 2014 - Volume 114 - Issue 4
pp: 7-72

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Original Research: Using Guided Imagery to Manage Pain in Young Children with Sickle Cell Disease

Dobson, Cassandra Elaine; Byrne, Mary Woods

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 114(4):26,36, April 2014.

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Developing the Review Question and Inclusion Criteria

Stern, Cindy; Jordan, Zoe; McArthur, Alexa

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 114(4):53-56, April 2014.

Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 9:08
AJN The American Journal of Nursing April 2014, Volume 114, Issue 4;
Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy and Clinical Managing Editor Karen Roush present the highlights of the April issue of the American Journal of Nursing. A 12 year-old painted the colorful work that appears on our cover this month, tying in with our first CE on the use of guided imagery as a cognitive behavioral coping mechanism for pain in school age children with sickle cell disease. Our second CE is an original research on telehealth, and the use of new technologies that eventually become the norm. Our iNurse piece explores the online media that students and professionals use to educate themselves. We have two special features: an AJN Reports on the Boston Marathon bombings including interviews with nurses who were there, and podcasts of their stories. Another feature recognizes the April 1942 Bataan Death March and the 72 nurses held as prisoners of War in the Philippines. And of course there’s News, Safety Monitor, Reflections, Viewpoint, Drug Watch, Art of Nursing, and more.
Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 2:23
Telehealth (using technology and communications to provide care over long distances) is gaining in use as it contributes to increasing access to care and lowering cost by promoting out-of-hospital care and reducing readmissions. But because it’s new and unfamiliar, adoption may be slow or even resisted by some. Author Janet Grady discusses with AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy the important role telehealth is playing in care and offers a view of how it can be incorporated by nurses as a new tool to provide high quality care.