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November 2011 - Volume 111 - Issue 11
pp: 7-72

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Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 6:30
AJN The American Journal of Nursing November 2011, Volume 111, Issue 11;
Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy presents the highlights of the November 2011 issue of the American Journal of Nursing. There are two CE articles: one is original research, examining how veterans with PTSD (a high risk group for intimate partner violence) are screened for IPV (researchers found only ¼ had screening documented), and the other is an article addressing traumatic injuries in older adults. Other articles include a companion piece to the original research which examines techniques nurses can use for screening for IPV; the second installment in our series on supporting family caregivers (with an accompanying video); an article on reducing 30 day readmission rates; AJN Reports on controversies around childhood vaccinations; plus News, Drug Watch, Art of Nursing, Reflections, and more. There’s also podcasts with authors Nigolian (the family caregiving article) and Gerlock (original research), providing context around their work.
Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 22:06
Editor-in-chief, Shawn Kennedy, interviews April Gerlock about her research on documentation of screening veterans with PTSD for intimate partner violence (IPV). She found that only one-quarter of these men – considered a high risk group for IPV – had screening documented. Gerlock also talks about how nurses in any setting can use brief encounters to screen for IPV and provides some suggestions for responding.
Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 17:51
Editor-in-chief, Shawn Kennedy, interviews Cindy Nigolian, one of the authors of the second installment in our series on supporting family caregivers. She provides context for her work, and emphasizes the importance of creating an environment conducive to learning, and the use of “teach-backs” to assure the caregiver understands needed concepts.

Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 33:11
Journal: AJN The American Journal of Nursing November 2011, Volume 111, Issue 11;
This is the second video in a series of articles and accompanying videos, part of the Professional Partners Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers Across Settings project funded by the Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation through the AARP Foundation. Nearly one-third of American households have been involved in providing assistance to an older adult family member, often without the skills they need because of a variety of barriers to learning. This video (which has an accompanying article in the November 2011 issue) explores these barriers and discusses how nurses can use “teachable moments” and “teach back” to promote learning among caregivers.