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November 2010 - Volume 110 - Issue 11
pp: 7-72

Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step: Critical Appraisal of the Evidence Part III

Fineout-Overholt, Ellen; Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek; Stillwell, Susan B.; More

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 110(11):43-51, November 2010.

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Creator: Christine Moffa/Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 7:13
AJN The American Journal of Nursing November 2010, Volume 110, Issue 11;
November 2010 – Episode 24
Interim editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy and clinical editor Christine Moffa present the highlights of the November issue of the American Journal of Nursing, which has a special focus on military families in light of Veteran’s Day, featuring an article on assisting families with deployment stress and Letter from Afghanistan, a new column written by an army nurse serving on the battlefront. Other articles include the CE feature on dietary modifications for patients with dysphagia; another installment from our very popular series, Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step; debut of our new column on Web-based media, iNurse (this month focusing on RSS feeds); a report on hazards of handling chemotherapy drugs, plus news and more. There’s also a podcast with the spouse of a deployed soldier.
Creator: Shawn Kennedy
Duration: 16:30
Interim editor-in-chief, Shawn Kennedy, speaks with Kelly Vanfossen, wife of Christopher A. Vanfossen, an army nurse and author of our new column, Letters From Afghanistan, about how her husband’s deployment impacts her and their four young children.