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April 2006 - Volume 106 - Issue 4
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The Bathing Of Older Adults with Dementia: Easing the unnecessarily unpleasant aspects of assisted bathing.

Rader, Joanne; Barrick, Ann Louise; Hoeffer, Beverly; More

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 106(4):40-48, April 2006.

How Long and How Much Are Nurses Now Working?: Too long, too much, and without enough rest between shifts, a study finds.

Trinkoff, Alison; Geiger-Brown, Jeanne; Brady, Barbara; More

AJN, American Journal of Nursing. 106(4):60-71, April 2006.

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Creator: AJN
Duration: 30:00
Journal: AJN The American Journal of Nursing April 2006, Volume 106, Issue 4;

For you, the thought of a warm bath or shower is probably a treat anticipated to provide comfort and relaxation. How unfortunate that for those with dementia, the bathing experience may be a painful, frightening, and humiliating procedure.

With planning and a process customized to address each person’s unique needs, or a person-centered approach, older adults with dementia can be spared a negative experience. This 30-minute program is based on the April 2006 New Look at the Old AJN article by Joanne Rader MN, RN, et al, titled: The Bathing Of Older Adults with Dementia. The video outlines cutting-edge research and presents best practices in bathing from researchers and practitioners, as well as guidance from the perspective of a state regulatory agency on what actually constitutes compliance with relevant standards of care.