May 2002 - Volume 102 - Issue : AJN The American Journal of Nursing

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May 2002 - Volume 102 - Supplement
pp: 3-61

Biventricular Pacing: New treatment for patients with heart failure bears important nursing implications.

McAtee, Margaret E.; Gawlinski, Anna

American Journal of Nursing. 102:4-7, May 2002.

Transfusion Practices in Critical Care: Essential care before and after a blood transfusion.

Richards, Nancy M.; Giuliano, Karen K.

American Journal of Nursing. 102:16-22, May 2002.

Effects of Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Children: The effect of physiologic and metabolic derangements induced by CPB and associated procedures.

Fry-Bowers, Eileen K.; Kilian, Karen

American Journal of Nursing. 102:23-27, May 2002.

Endocarditis in the Immunocompromised: A life-threatening condition that is challenging to recognize and treat.

Caldwell, Denise A.; Lovasik, Darlene

American Journal of Nursing. 102:32-36, May 2002.