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May 2002 - Volume 102 - Issue 5
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From the ANA: Washington Watch


2001 Reviewers

Legal Issues

From the ANA: Issues Update

Pain Control

From the ANA;: Southern States Job Focus

From the ANA: Florida and Georgia Job Focus

Living with Illness

Correspondence from Abroad

Nursing Counts

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

Infectious Disease

Nurses Making a Difference

From the ANA: Health and Safety

Families with Chronically Ill Children: A literature review examines approaches to helping them cope.

Meleski, Debra D.

American Journal of Nursing. 102(5):47-54, May 2002.

CE 1.5 HOURS Continuing Education

An Overview of Palliative Nursing Care: Studies tell us that most people fear a protracted, painful death; unfortunately, this is what many experience. Palliative nursing care seeks to change this. This new series challenges nurses to think differently about caring for people when cure isn't possible.

Ferrell, Betty R.; Coyle, Nessa

American Journal of Nursing. 102(5):26-31, May 2002.


CE 2 HOURS Continuing Education

Preoperative Fasting: Old Habits Die Hard: Research and published guidelines no longer support the routine use of ‘NPO after midnight,’ but the practice persists.

Crenshaw, Jeannette T.; Winslow, Elizabeth H.

American Journal of Nursing. 102(5):36-44, May 2002.

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