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March 2002 - Volume 102 - Issue 3
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American Journal of Nursing. 102(3):18-21, March 2002.





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CE 2.5 HOURS Continuing Education

Helping Children Cope with Public Disasters: Support given immediately after a traumatic event can counteract or even negate long-term adverse effects.

Davidhizar, Ruth; Shearer, Ruth

American Journal of Nursing. 102(3):26-33, March 2002.

Communicating with Children and Adolescents: ‘Children are all foreigners,’ Ralph Waldo Emerson said; but it need not always be the case. Here are some specific, age-appropriate tips for understanding the language of children.

Deering, Catherine Gray; Cody, Debra Jennings

American Journal of Nursing. 102(3):34-41, March 2002.

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Art of Nursing

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Descending into Delirium: Confusion, isolation, forgetfulness, lethargy: as one case study shows, older people with dementia and depression are especially vulnerable to the vagaries of delirium.

Henry, Marshelle

American Journal of Nursing. 102(3):49-56, March 2002.

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