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Uniforms (Nursing)

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  • Updated:   8/25/2022
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What nurses wear, when they wear it and what it symbolizes have been discussed in the pages of AJN throughout the years. Early editorials declare that wearing the uniform in the street, “is unprofessional because it advertises the occupation of the wearer and makes her conspicuous”. In the 1950s, one commentator said, “What a feeling of security, peace and confidence is given a patient when a smiling woman in white approaches his bedside or attends his needs.” In this collection, we provide some early articles documenting practices and attitudes as well as later articles providing some historical context. (Editor's note: older articles are available only as PDFs. If you're not an AJN subscriber, you may not be able to access all articles.) The following articles are open access:
  • Editorial Comment: Nurses’ Uniforms Worn in the Street
  • AJN6(6): 353-354, March 1906.
  • United States Tax Court rules that nurses may deduct the cost of uniforms for federal income tax purposes. D.B. Chase. AJN. 43(9):823-824, September 1943.
  • Image, Function, and Style: A History of the Nursing Uniform Houweling, Lynn. AJN. 104(4):40-48, April 2004.
  • An Experiment in White: One Nurse's Attempt to Identify a Profession by Uniform Burn, Jeri. AJN. 106(3):64A-64C, March 2006.


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