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Influenza Classics from the AJN Archives

  • Creator:   American Journal of Nursing
  • Updated:   2/4/2020
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Influenza Classics from the AJN Archives From Spanish flu to Hong Kong flu to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza (swine flu), AJN has provided nurses with clinical information as well as with personal experiences of those who provided care to patients during influenza outbreaks. Here we present important articles that document the scientific thinking of the time on influenza prevention, transmission, and patient care practices. Many articles give detailed accounts of the experiences of nurses who provided care during the early years of the 20th century, offering insight into the arduous work of nurses at that time. (Editor's note: older articles are available only as PDFs. If you're not an AJN subscriber, you may not be able to access all articles.) The following articles are open access:
  • Editorial Comment: The Epidemic of Influenza
  • AJN19(2):83-5, November 1918.
  • Letters to the Editor: Experiences During the Influenza Epidemic G.R., North Dakota AJN. 19(3):203-4, December 1918.
  • Influenza -1918 : Reliving the Great Epidemic Dorothy Deming AJN. 57(10):1308-1309, October 1957.
  • Questions and Answers on Pandemic Influenza Victoria J. Davey AJN. 107(7): 50-56, July 2007.
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