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  • Creator:   American Journal of Nursing
  • Updated:   9/5/2019
  • Contains:  14 items
These articles are written by nurse and attorney Edie Brous, JD, MS, MPH, RN, AJN’s contributing editor for legal issues. Topics range from legal cases of interest and licensure issues to social media use and workplace violence.

The Elements of a Nursing Malpractice Case, Part 1: Duty

Brous, Edie

AJN The American Journal of Nursing. 119(7):64-67, July 2019.

Lessons Learned from Litigation: Legal and Ethical Consequences of Social Media

Brous, Edie; Olsen, Douglas P.

AJN The American Journal of Nursing. 117(9):50-54, September 2017.