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Celebrating the CNS Role

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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Looking Back at Clinical Nurse Specialists

This year is the 25th anniversary of the journal, Clinical Nurse Specialist. By way of a look back at the history and development of the clinical nurse specialist (CNS) role, we are providing links to several historical articles from CNS and the American Journal of Nursing which were instrumental in shaping the CNS role as we know it today.

In Reiter's article, you will see the debate around a need for a clinical expert in nursing practice. Peplau's article argues for advanced clinical nurses to span the boundary between new scientific findings and emerging health concerns. Johnson, Wilcox and Moidel provide a great example of the vision of the CNS as clinical expert with expanded authority and responsibility. (Note: To access this article, click on the Schutt article below and scroll to the second page where you'll find the CNS article. We apologize for the inconvenience.) In Georgopoulos and Christman's work, you see the emergence of the scope of CNS practice, now called the "Spheres of Influence" practice framework.

Follow this link for Peplau’s article, "Specialization in Professional Nursing" from Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Follow this link for AJN's CNS collection.