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Created: 10/29/2008
Contains: 122 Episodes
Editor highlights the current issue of the journal, detailing important topics, special online features, and breaking news.

Created: 12/29/2008
Contains: 201 Episodes
An interview with an author or expert offering insight and additional information related to an article in AJN.

Created: 1/26/2009
Contains: 29 Episodes

Created: 5/5/2009
Contains: 14 Episodes
This series of podcasts are interviews by Kay Schwebke, author of The Vietnam Nurses Memorial in the May issue, with nurses who served in Vietnam and also includes poems written by some of the nurses.

Created: 6/19/2009
Contains: 24 Episodes
A monthly podcast where the poet reads her or his poem or the visual artist discusses her or his work.

Created: 8/20/2009
Contains: 3 Episodes
Listen to an interview with group members and music from a live performance.

Published by: Shawn Kennedy
Created: 3/4/2014
Contains: 4 Episodes
This series presents the remembrances of several Boston emergency nurses who provided care to patients injured in the bombing on April 15, 2013.