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Letters to the Editor

AJN welcomes letters to the editor. Letters pertaining to items published in AJN should be sent to the journal within six months of the original appearance of the material, except for critiques of original research, which may be submitted at any time. Letters that include statements of statistics, facts, research, or theories should include appropriate references, although more than three are discouraged. Letters that are personal attacks on an author rather than thoughtful criticism of the author’s ideas will not be considered for publication.

Letters can be no more than 300 words in length. Letter writers should include a statement at the beginning of the letter stating that it is being submitted for publication (this statement will not be counted in the 300 word length and will not be included in the published letter). Publication is not guaranteed. Anonymous letters will not be considered. Letter writers who believe that publication of their letter would jeopardize their well-being or livelihood may request that their identity be withheld from readers. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Letter writers must include their city and state of residence or work. No other affiliations will be included unless the authors are writing on behalf of an organization. In such cases, the letter writer should include a statement that the letter has been approved by the organization they are representing.

Letters will be edited for clarity and length.

Authors of the original article may be invited to write a response to one or more letters if the editors deem a response is warranted.

Email letters to [email protected] rather than submitting through Editorial Manager.