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                     ​​​​​COVID-19 Watch: Pandemic Update for Nurses

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained health care systems, increased nurses' responsibilities, and resulted in significant changes in the way we manage care. With this regularly-updated collection of writings and podcasts, AJN will address the "new normal" that faces nurses in every work setting. 

Note that as this situation evolves and the true scope and seriousness of the crisis becomes ever more apparent, certain information and perspectives in older posts, podcasts, and articles will no longer be accurate or up to date; such posts are very much of their particular moment, retained for archive purposes, and should be read accordingly.



A Summer to Remember - August 2020

In the Aftermath - July 2020

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AJN Reports

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Cultivating Quality

Implementation of a Warm Zone Model During the COVID-19 Pandemic - January 2021


Supporting Novice Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic - December 2020


Traveling to New York City to Tackle COVID-19 - August 2020

AJN On the Cover

On the Cover - May 2020

In the News

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Blog Posts

Click here​​ for a list of regularly updated blog posts on the coronavirus pandemic from AJN's blog, Off the Charts.